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Kerwin Tan is heir to the billionaire Tan family fortune. He puts on a suave playboy act to the world but is driven by a deep hurt and antipathy towards his father. An erotically charged partnership with Zhilan will provide him with just the path to revenge (and vindication) he has been waiting for.[1]


Season 1[]


After Zhilan recalls her last conversation with Pei-Ling, two years before their fatal showdown, she learns that her uncle was secretly receiving money from Pei-Ling to raise her all along. Feeling betrayed, Zhilan angrily confronts him while revealing she was the one that murdered Pei-Ling before forcing him to tell her where his research on the weapons is located. Her uncle ends up revealing that the ancient text her father studied had been sold to the powerful Tan family in Taipei. Zhilan intercepts Kerwin Tan, one of the family's affluent sons, with a proposed alliance which he readily agrees to take her up on.


Meanwhile, Zhilan and Kerwin lay in bed together discussing Zhilan’s past. She shares that after a childhood of surgeries, she’s used to pain. He asks if that’s where her anger comes from, and she says that it comes from betrayal. She notices scars on his arm that he claims are from a car accident. Kerwin then insists they get back to reading the scroll. But unfortunately, Zhilan is disappointed as he walks away.

Zhilan and Kerwin continue to search the scroll for clues, with Zhilan suggesting Kerwin call his father. Kerwin refuses, and Zhilan is angry that after she translated the scrolls, Kerwin isn’t willing to take the next step. He menacingly tells her that calling his father isn’t an option. Zhilan holds his wrist and asks if his father was the one to give him those scars. Kerwin steps back in shock.

Kerwin eventually shares his childhood trauma with Zhilan, and reveals how one night, his father gathered his three siblings together and ranked them, with Kerwin ranking last despite doing everything his father wanted. Apparently, his father wanted him to push back and find himself, and not doing so was a sign of weakness. Kerwin drunkenly drove home and got into a car accident, crushing his hand and giving him the scars. Kerwin says the only reason he’s working with Zhilan is to see what his father’s face will look like when he achieves what his father couldn’t. Zhilan shows him the weapons she already has, asking him what else he hasn’t been telling her.

Later, Zhilan and Kerwin compare notes, and Zhilan finds out that Kerwin’s father has three weapons, making six between the two of them. Kerwin says it won’t be easy to get the weapons from his father, but he can when the time is right. He asks why it’s so important to summon Biange with the weapons, and she says it’s to ensure no one can betray her again by gaining power. Kerwin shares that his father has poured money into an archaeological dig in Myanmar, and a weapon must be there. He wants to go there with Zhilan and steal it from his father.


Kerwin tells Zhilan to take a break from reading the scroll because they stole the axe, one of the weapons, from Mr. Tan’s excavations site in Myanmar. Zhlian however wants to get the weapons from the Tan family vault before they pursue the Meteor Hammer, which will take longer.

As Zhilan and Kerwin are planning how to get his father’s weapons when a flashbang is dropped into the room. A team of men invade Zhilan’s home. Leading them is Edgar, who is Mr. Tan’s head of security.

As Edgar’s men search Zhilan’s house for the axe, Kerwin accidentally tips him off by asking about the dig site in Myanmar before they raided it. Failing to get answers from Kerwin, Edgar turns to Zhilan.

Back at Zhilan’s house, Edgar tries to bribe Zhilan into giving up the location of the axe. When she refuses, he threatens her, holding a knife to Zhilan’s throat. Kerwin agrees to show him where the weapons are.

Kerwin shows Edgar Zhilan’s weapons vault. Edgar tries to convince him to bring the weapons to Mr. Tan and kill Zhilan, handing him the dagger. Kerwin hesitates before stabbing Edgar instead. Zhilan, who had been sawing at her restraints, takes out the rest of the hired grunts. Kerwin looks astonished at what he’s done.

Kerwin is visibly stuggling about killing someone he cared about. Zhilan tells him the first time is always the hardest. Kerwin is worried that Edgar not checking in with his father will tip off Mr. Tan. So they have to move.


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He is described as “dashing, handsome, physically fit, and impossibly charismatic”.[1]



Promotional images[]


  • On April 19, 2021, Ludi Lin chatted with DAMAN Magazine, where he revealed several caveats of information about his recurring role on Kung Fu as Kerwin Tan.[2]
    • When it comes to describing his character, Lin stated that "Kerwin is rather complicated. On the surface, he has everything anyone could ever ask for: He is an heir to a billionaire family’s fortune and has incredibly good looks and charm. He puts on a suave playboy act to the world but is driven by a deep resentment towards his father. There is a lot more to him than meets the eye and I’ve really enjoyed peeling back all the layers of his psyche".[2]
  • Ahead of the premiere of Guidance, the seventh episode of Season 1, a promotional image of Ludi Lin in this episode was released along with some info about Kerwin Tan, the character he is set to portray.[3]
    • In the exclusive photo from the upcoming seventh episode released on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, Kerwin enjoys a glass of wine with Zhilan Zhang as they catch up.[3]